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Why Things Go Wrong In World Of Warcraft

“Well, the healer is tanking, the tank is doing DPS, the other healer isn’t actually healing anyone and we’re all fucking dead”

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This week, I have mostly been playing….

…. fuck all. OK, WoW has been the only thing I’ve played for ages now. Level 78, don’t’cha know? Also, other stuff. And I’m still gagging to get my teeth into Just Cause 2 properly, and Sins of a Solar Empire, and the other bajillion games I’ve recently bought for £4 each which are sitting […]

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What I’ve Been Playing

World of Warcraft. Lots of it. Heaps. Tons. Stacks. I’ve been riding the wave of obsession / apathy towards the game since I started playing; I’ll obsess over it for a few months, get bored and leave it for a few months, rinse and repeat. I was finally talked into going back due to a […]

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WoW + Pandi = comedy gold

“don’t start that healer shit you twat or I’ll kick ya now hurry up” “oh dear you died lol” repeat until fade I sometimes forget why I started playing WoW. After all, it can be a bit shallow and repetitive. The main reason I like it is that guild chat is essentially a chat room. […]

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WoW vs TF2 – FIGHT! (kind of)

I’m going to let you into a secret. Ready? Team Fortress 2 is the first person shooter equivalent of World of Warcraft. This isn’t opinion here. This is scientific fact. Kind of. TF2 is as close as you are going to get in the FPS stylee for now (not counting the horrible and practically unplayable […]

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